Just Hold On

I want you to know, you’re not alone.

This summer, my dad and I were driving through rural Wisconsin, listening to a NPR segment on how sometimes when you travel, timing can go “just exactly wrong”. He travels extensively, and I have a recently cemented belief in karmic timing-so we began to think of all the times in our lives where things have gone perfectly awry.

Some were funny, or situations where we had caught just the right break. Some weren’t. He missed being in Manhattan on 9/11 by hours. I lugged groceries right past the guy that had just murdered a police officer my freshman year at college. Divine intervention, guardian angels, good karma: the end results have been in our favor no matter what you want to attribute them to.

That being said, it’s hard to explain exactly how we feel when tragedy enters our life. Perhaps it is because tragedy is such a broad word. Is it massive and catastrophic or singularly personal? Is it internal or external? Man made or a force of nature? Some times, it’s all of these in one.

And sometimes, our greatest tragedy stems from our own head. Our heads tell us that we’re alone and we won’t ever find a better place, more solid ground, or even one person who cares.

That’s not true.

If you don’t believe in an all loving god, that’s ok. If you don’t think karma exists, that’s ok. If you can’t accept that there’s some power in the universe looking out for you, that is ok. But know this: there are more people rooting for you than you could ever know. There are people everywhere that just want you to find a light, any light that will show you there’s more, just around the corner.

You are not alone. Somewhere, be it in the universe or next door, somebody is sending good thoughts your way, hoping you get them. Just know, if you hold on, your life is about to go perfectly awry exactly when you need it to.