Doing Big Things, All at Once

2016 has started out like an Olympic track event. Someone shot a gun, I took off at a sprint, only to realize that I am not an Olympic athlete and a year is a really long sprint.

Not to fear.

So far I have: gotten engaged, bought a wedding dress, booked a venue, started a new job, went back to the gym, done 12 loads of laundry, 1 ladies night, 3 “meet friends for dinner”, several familial obligations, made a five year plan, survived 1 blizzard and managed to unclogged all the pine needles from my vacuum. AKA, crushin’ it.

There are a million more things that are on the list for 2016 and 2 million more that will crop up that I have no idea about at this moment. This would be terrifying if I hadn’t already survived 2015.

2015, a year in review: I lost my grandfather, got promoted, moved out of my parents house, moved in with my boyfriend, went on 1 cross country road trip, 1 vacation to Florida, 1 trip to Boston, survived all national holidays, threw 2 parties where nobody got arrested, did in-numerous loads of laundry, bought a new couch, bought a new vacuum, made new friends and got engaged (this happened in the awkward period between Christmas and NYE where everyone feels like it’s the next year but it really isn’t so I’ve put it in both).

Simply put, 2015 was not the uneventful year I expected so I’ve decided to embrace the sprint. January has already been filled with big things, so I should pace out the next 11 months. But I think we can all agree, that’s not going to happen.

Cheers to doing big things, all year long.


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