To My Mom, Everyday

Dear Mom,

Thank you for loving me.

I love you. I respect you. And I think you’re kind of crazy – but in a good way.

From you I’ve learned so much. That girls can do anything because they are smart and strong and creative. That my relationship is a partnership. Quality over quantity in friendship and shoes. You’ll never regret a classic and how to mow a lawn.

You taught me to sparkle, so I do.

Thank you for not accidentally killing me when I was little (seriously). Thank you for forcing me to buy clothes appropriate for my body so it would be easier to love myself. Thank you for coming to every game, recital and awards ceremony. Thank you for every volunteer hour, class party and team mom position. Thank you now for the curfew you gave me six years ago. You were right.

Some people are afraid of turning into their mother. They must not have a mom like you.

You are the best mom I’ve ever had. And I mean that.

I sparkle because you taught me how.

I love you, Mommy.



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