Treat Yo Self (Right)

A few months ago on a Friday night my fiance turned me down for date night. It had been a long week, he was tired, let’s just watch a movie on the couch etc etc. But I was hankering for an ADVENTURE. So, I took myself out. Went to the outlets where I window shopped and then drove the additional 30 minutes out to the country and my favorite ice cream place. I bought a two scoop cone and sat, by myself, eating my ice cream and watching the sun set. It was awesome.

Truth be told, I’ve never really understood people who don’t like to be alone because I do. I enjoy being by myself, I live in my own head and I think I’m pretty decent company. But I do understand people who don’t like to date themselves. It’s harder than you think because so many of us struggle to see ourselves as people worthy of dating.

Often, when you’re looking at other people, you only see the gloss. The outside, the face they put together for the world. Their great style, great shoes, friendly attitude. You look at other people around you and think, damn, I’d date that. And then you look at yourself. You see the squishy, the wobble, the insecurities, the crooked eyeliner and the second (maybe third) day hair. And you think, God damn self, get your shit together.

But here’s the thing. YOU ARE TOGETHER. Trust me. Every single day there will be a million people more shiny than you and a million others hanging by two less threads than you are. So, love yourself.

It’s tricky, I know this. We are complex individuals and nobody knows our complexities better than us. But it is not impossible. Work on it. Strive for it. Date yourself. Tell yourself you are beautiful and smart and wicked funny. Perfect is not the goal. Every perfect person you see merely has the benefit of hoarding their imperfections on the inside.

Treat yo self, and do it right.


Shout out to my favorite place: Rocky Point Creamery, Tuscarora, MD